Marketing Communications with Julie Bonner of FreeFall Aerospace

Host Dustin Trout speaks with Julie Bonner about marketing and the antenna technology of FreeFall Aerospace. Produced by Andrei Gardiola for the Rise Grind Repeat Podcast –  powered by EIC Agency.

Julie Bonner on Rise Grind Repeat Podcast Episode 045

“The buzz about 5G is everywhere, but the tech behind it is complex, so all you hear is the buzz. How do you know what 5G can mean for all of us? That’s where Julie Bonner comes in. Julie has a graphic design degree, an MBA and her own business. And when FreeFall Aerospace — 2019 Innovator of the Year Startup Company — needed somebody to explain their ground-and-satellite 5G tech to people like, well … us, they hired Julie. See, marketing isn’t rocket science. But marketing rocket science — that takes some really innovative ideas. And Julie’s got ’em.” – Dustin Trout

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“FreeFall is developing new antennas for space, ground and in the 5G wireless community. FreeFall’s hardware unique design is unlike anything you’ve seen before. The technology actually spun out of the University of Arizona. Our co founder, Chris Walker, a professor of astronomy at the UA  previously connected with our president, Doug Stetson, on a NASA project called GUSTO. Together they realized that what Chris is doing for space exploration in terahertz astronomy could be applied to telecommunications. Chris was used to studying dark matter and interstellar particles in the sky through the large telescopes he was building, but he realized this special design can help improve communications on the ground as well. Our unique antenna design helps move the data better from space back down to earth and vice versa. FreeFall is developing these concepts and applying them to move the data in a more efficient way.” – Julie Bonner

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