Low-cost Antenna Technology for Ground and Space

FreeFall’s antennas offer high-gain telecommunications through efficient beam steering over a wide field of view. This is achieved by coupling our phased array line feed with a spherical reflector. This results in reduced weight and complexity for spacecraft antennas or ground stations, leading to the availability of more data when and where it is needed, at a lower cost.

OrbCast Inflatable Antenna - FreeFall Aerospace

FreeFall Inflatable Antennas

Lightweight Deployable Antennas

FreeFall Aerospace specializes in deployable spacecraft antennas for telecommunications and remote sensing. Our systems are compact, lightweight, and high-performance, ideal for commercial and defense applications from Earth orbit to the Moon and beyond. FreeFall’s Inflatable Antenna System can provide smallsats with an order of magnitude increase in data return with minimum cost and complexity.

  • Precision beam steering with a lightweight large aperture
  • Minimum stowed volume
  • Downlink and inter-satellite links


FreeFall’s AllSky Antenna ground terminal enables high-performance connectivity with NGSO constellations at minimum cost. The spherical reflector remains stationary while the lightweight feed system is rapidly steered in azimuth and elevation for consistent high gain across the widest field of view. Small, long-life motors provide accurate tracking and rapid retrace in a low-power, low-profile system for fixed or mobile applications. Single-aperture connectivity with minimum break makes the All Sky Antenna an ideal solution to the Digital Divide.

  • Low power and low profile
  • Lightweight fast-steering feeds with a stationary spherical reflector
  • From small user terminals to large Gateways
All Sky Ground Station for FreeFall Aerospace
Data Sail FreeFall


  • The DataSail’s innovative design is a game-changer for certain key satcom applications
  • DFX AntennaTech is a patent-pending FreeFall technology utilizing dual feeds and a stationary reflector
  • Allows critical Make Before Break connectivity with a single antenna

Mesh Orbital Relay

  • Lightweight, large deployed apertures
  • Compact stowage, CubeSat compatibility
  • Steered feeds over a stationary reflector
FreeFall Orbital Mesh
Gateway FreeFall Aerospace

Dual-Feed Agile Gateway

  • Dual feed, multi-band operation
  • Stationary reflector, low deployed profile
  • Dual aperture for 24/7 cislunar connectivity

FreeFall LPDA

  • Deployable UHF/ VHF antenna
  • Compact stowage, Cubesat compatible.
  • Highly directional beam
LPDA Antenna FreeFall Aerospace

Stationary Steerable Beam Solutions


  • Low-cost, enterprise-class satcom terminals

  • Deployable antennas for Lunar lander/ surface deployment

  • Gateway class antennas for LEO/GEO satcom constellations

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  • Deployable inflatable antennas

  • Deployable mesh antennas for orbital relays

  • Deployable antennas for cislunar PNT