2024 Summer Interns

At FreeFall Aerospace, we are thrilled to introduce a vibrant and talented group of interns eager to contribute their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to our innovative projects. Our internship program provides hands-on experience to students in our community.

This summer, we’ve welcomed four exceptional students from the University of Arizona and Arizona State University. Each intern is enthusiastic and ready to learn and contribute to our mission of developing cutting-edge antenna solutions.

FreeFall Aerospace Interns 2024

Shae Henley, Jessica Gurney, Harlie Rios, and Nicolas Renaud

Shae Henley

Shae Henley: Bridging Space and Communication Technologies

Shae Henley recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Astrobiology. As a graduate student, she is continuing her academic journey to complete her master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. Shae was an advisor for NASA’s Arizona Space Grant and Resident Assistant in the Engineering Leadership Community. She held officer positions in the University of Arizona’s Society of Women Engineers and was the Director of Administration for the Engineering¬†Student Council.

“I would like to get more experience developing and testing space and communications-based technologies and learn how to run astrodynamics simulations and calculate communications coverage models for satellites and other spacecraft,” Shae explains.

She received the USRA Distinguished Undergraduate 2023 Thomas R. McGetchin Memorial Scholarship Award and the Arizona Distinction Award. She was a Lillis Foundation Scholar from 2020-2024. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and rock climbing. By interning at FreeFall, Shae aims to gain valuable knowledge in RF technology, which will be instrumental in her future spacecraft projects.

Jessica Gurney: Navigating the Path Between Academia and Industry

Jessica Gurney, a senior at the University of Arizona, is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Astronomy. She is keen to understand the inner workings of a tech design company and evaluate her future career path.

“I hope to understand the inner workings of a tech design company to determine whether I want to continue to grad school to do research or jump into the industry to build sophisticated products,” says Jessica.

Jessica graduated with Honors in AIT military training. She is also passionate about writing and anything craft-related, including bookbinding. Her inquisitiveness and drive to explore both academic and industrial avenues make her internship at FreeFall a pivotal step in her career journey.

Jessica Gurney
Nicolas Renaud

Nicolas Renaud: Aspiring RF Engineer

Nicolas Renaud is an Arizona State University senior majoring in Physics and Astrophysics at Barrett Honors College, having made it to the Dean’s List for the past three years. Renaud is an officer and member of the Society of Physics Students and a student researcher at the Interplanetary Initiative Lab. He has a clear goal of becoming an RF engineer.

Nicolas is eager to learn about antenna system designs and operations. His commitment to mastering the technical aspects of RF engineering aligns with FreeFall’s innovative projects, and we are confident in his potential to contribute significantly to our mission.

Harlie Rios: Exploring Engineering Frontiers

Harlie Rios is embarking on her journey as a freshman at the University of Arizona, W.A. Franke Honors College, with a dual focus on Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering. She was in the Model UN, Racing the Sun, Student Council, Kairos 294 Co-rector, Stem Ambassadors, Spanish Honors Society, and National Honor Society. Harlie earned the CAMUN Vocal Commendation Award and Catholic Schools Week Awards. She is enthusiastic about discovering engineering’s real-world applications and gaining hands-on experience.

“I hope to learn what an engineer does, get experience in the workforce, and work on some cool projects,” Harlie shares. “This experience will help me determine what I want to do in college and the future.”

In her spare time, she enjoys reading and community service. Her curiosity and eagerness to explore different facets of engineering make her a valuable addition.

Harlie Rios

We are confident that Harlie, Shae, Jessica, and Nicolas will bring a fresh perspective and valuable contributions to our team this summer. Their diverse backgrounds and ambitious goals hold immense promise for our projects, and we are excited to see the impact they will make. Welcome to FreeFall Aerospace!

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