Low-cost Antenna Solutions for Space and Ground

FreeFall Inflatable

Inflatable Antenna
  • Ultralightweight, rigidizable membrane antennas

  • Ideal for GEO, cislunar, and deep space apps

  • Ultra-compact stowage, simple deployment, CubeSat compatible

FreeFall DataSail

Data Sail FreeFall
  • Make before break connectivity

  • Dual steered feeds, stationary reflector

  • Ka-band customizable

FreeFall Mesh Orbital Relay

Orbital Mesh Relay FreeFall Aerospace
  • Lightweight, large deployed apertures

  • Compact stowage, CubeSat compatibility

  • High throughput, scalable: S through Ka band

Low-cost Antenna Technology for Ground and Space

FreeFall Dual-Feed Agile Gateway

Gateway FreeFall Aerospace
  • Dual feed, multi-band operation

  • Stationary reflector, low deployed profile

  • Gateway class terminal: GEO Satcom and¬†lunar DTE link

FreeFall AllSky

All Sky Ground Station for FreeFall Aerospace
  • Stationary reflector with a single feed

  • Hemispherical architecture for full sky coverage

  • Low power and low profiles

FreeFall LPDA

LPDA Antenna FreeFall Aerospace
  • Deployable UHF/ VHF antenna with highly directional beam

  • Compact stowage, Cubesat compatible

  • Scalable architecture: HF, VHF, and UHF apps

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