FreeFall Aerospace Hosts Speaker Series: CreativeMornings/Tucson

FreeFall Aerospace Hosts Speaker Series: CreativeMornings/Tucson


FreeFall Aerospace hosted CreativeMornings/Tucson recently for their monthly breakfast talk. The speaker was Lauren Rabb, who shared how to improve critical thinking and focus with art using a technique called visual thinking strategies (VTS).

All photos by Desi Aragon.

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View the CreativeMornings/Tucson with Lauren Rabb below:

About FreeFall Aerospace:

FreeFall Aerospace is developing innovative antenna solutions for small spacecraft, fixed and mobile ground stations, and aerial platforms. These lightweight, low-power antennas are ideally suited to support the new LEO/MEO satellites for continuous global communications with efficient beam steering and consistent high gain at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions. FreeFall develops space and ground systems using spherical reflector technology from radio astronomy and planetary exploration research. This expertise provides a new perspective on the challenges of high-frequency satellite communication. FreeFall’s technology also has the potential to revolutionize communication for small UAVs and other aerial platforms for efficient Over-The-Horizon command, control, and communication. Various commercial and government organizations recognize FreeFall’s approach as potentially disruptive and of high value. Located in Tucson, Arizona, FreeFall maintains a close working relationship with the University of Arizona, which serves as a continuous source of innovative concepts and a “force multiplier” for technology and product development.

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