About FreeFall

Low-Cost Antenna Technology for Space & Ground

FreeFall Aerospace’s antenna technology has revolutionized the cost, functionality, and flexibility profiles of the cislunar and terrestrial communications landscapes. These lightweight, low-power antennas are ideally suited to support the new LEO/MEO satellites for continuous global communications with efficient beam steering and consistent high gain at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions. FreeFall develops space and ground systems using spherical reflector technology from radio astronomy and planetary exploration research. This expertise provides a new perspective on the challenges of high-frequency satellite communication. FreeFall’s technology also has the potential to revolutionize communication for small UAVs and other aerial platforms for efficient Over-The-Horizon command, control, and communication. Various commercial and government organizations recognize FreeFall’s approach as potentially disruptive and of high value.

Located in Tucson, Arizona, FreeFall maintains a close working relationship with the University of Arizona, which serves as a continuous source of innovative concepts and a “force multiplier” for technology and product development. FreeFall Aerospace earned the 2019 Startup Innovator of the Year Award from the Arizona Commerce Authority and Arizona Technology Council.

In early 2021, the company expanded its headquarters in the heart of mid-town Tucson, featuring an open floor plan with large windows, standing desks, lab space, and flexible work hours. This collaborative culture emphasizes creativity, teamwork, inclusion, and innovation. FreeFall Aerospace is an active member of the Arizona Technology Council. The company also participates in educational programs for youth in STEM with the following organizations: SheTech, TenWest, SARSEF, WISE, and the Metropolitan Education Commission.