FreeFall Aerospace Team Antenna Expertise in Tucson, Arizona

About FreeFall

FreeFall Aerospace is developing revolutionary new antenna technology for ground, air, and space. Their innovative spherical antennas are drawing interest from various commercial and government organizations, offering a wide field of view, electronic steering, and low mass to dramatically simplify and improve satellite communications. FreeFall was founded in Tucson as a spin-off from the University of Arizona and the team has expertise in space and antenna systems.

Startup of the Year Finalist 2021 – Copper Cactus Awards
Innovation Leader of the Year 2019 – FreeFall Aerospace
Innovator of the Year StartUp Company 2019 – FreeFall Aerospace
Inventor of the Year 2018 – Chris Walker, Co-Founder of FreeFall Aerospace
TechConnect Defense Innovation Awards 2017 & 2018

Doug Stetson, Co-founder
Doug Stetson, Co-founderPresident and CEO
Doug Stetson Bio
Chris Walker, Co-founder
Chris Walker, Co-founderChief Scientist and VP for R&D
Chris Walker Bio
Juan Carlos Lopez-Tonazzi
Juan Carlos Lopez-TonazziEngineer
Juan C. Lopez Tonazzi Bio
Julie Bonner
Julie BonnerDirector of Communications
Julie Bonner Bio
Brandon Swift
Brandon SwiftEngineer
Brandon Swift Bio
Tom Brown
Tom BrownIP Manager
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Dan McFatter
Dan McFatterSr Electrical Engineer
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Darren Verebelyi
Darren VerebelyiVP of Engineering
Darren Verebelyi Bio
Gerard Durocher
Gerard DurocherEngineering Technician
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Marc Schmalzel
Marc SchmalzelPrincipal Mechanical Engineer
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Terrance Pat, Ph.D.
Terrance Pat, Ph.D.RF Design Engineer
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Aman Chandra
Aman ChandraAerospace Engineer
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Fabian Cordova
Fabian CordovaChief Financial Officer
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OtterOffice Dog
Doug Morrison
Doug MorrisonSenior RF Engineer
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