Arizona Space Innovators

Julie Bonner FreeFall Aerospace and Zach Yentzer of Tipping Point

FreeFall Aerospace was on Tipping Point to talk about Arizona space innovators. Host, Zach Yentzer, spoke with FreeFall’s Julie Bonner (Director of Communications).

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Tipping Point with Zach Yentzer

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He is also the Executive Director of the Tucson Young Professionals. Its mission is to retain, attract, and promote young professionals in Tucson. It is a group of diverse young professionals working together to showcase Tucson as a place for growth and prosperity. TYP is a place for the next generation of business and community leaders to share their ideas, test their insight, and participate in a dynamic conversation. The focus of the organization is to provide members with opportunities to build relationships with the local community and its leaders and inspire like-minded professionals into making Tucson a better place to live, work and play.


Julie Bonner

Julie Bonner, Director of Communications for FreeFall, connects partners, vendors, and investors to FreeFall’s intelligent antenna systems. She’s created marketing campaigns and collateral for national corporations like Mister Car Wash and Clear Channel Outdoor, to Tucson-based start-ups and non-profits. She has been awarded the Tucson AdFed Next Generation Award for making a significant impact on the advertising industry through leadership, career achievements, and personal qualities, which also inspire others to excel. She is the Chair of the Women in the Workforce for the Arizona Technology Council, and technology is active in Start-Up Tucson and Local First Arizona. Julie holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Drexel University and a Masters in Business.

FreeFall Aerospace is developing revolutionary new antenna technology for ground, air, and space. Their innovative spherical antennas are drawing interest from a wide variety of commercial and government organizations, offering a wide field of view, electronic steering, and low mass to dramatically simplify and improve satellite communications. The company’s unique antennas for the coming 5G wireless world are unlike anything else on the market and enable high-frequency, steerable communications for Smart Cities, connected vehicles, and the Internet of Things. FreeFall was founded in Tucson as a spin-off from the University of Arizona and maintains a close connection with UA faculty and supporters.