Empowering Connectivity: FreeFall Aerospace Celebrates Tucson Changemakers Grant for Antenna Innovation

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 

Tucson, Arizona – FreeFall Aerospace, an antenna solutions company, proudly announces its selection for the Tucson Changemakers Grant. Out of over 500 applications, the Groundswell Growth Fund award was presented to FreeFall last week at Hotel Congress.

Groundswell Capital’s CEO, Dre Thompson, introduced the Tucson Changemakers Grant Program as a collaboration with the City of Tucson to provide small businesses with flexible, free capital to support their expansion endeavors. The program is part of a newly launched $1 million grant initiative dedicated to helping local small businesses thrive. The Groundswell Growth Fund is designed explicitly for enterprises poised to scale their operations. It provides versatile grant funding applicable to equipment, technology, and expansion efforts to foster business growth and create job opportunities within Tucson.

FreeFall Aerospace, founded in the summer of 2016 by Doug Stetson and Dr. Chris Walker originated from a collaborative effort on a NASA project. The company has since evolved, focusing on developing cutting-edge technology in small spacecraft communications and low-cost ground stations. With ten employees and over half a dozen products in various stages of commercialization, FreeFall Aerospace has become a key player in the Tucson business landscape.

FreeFall’s proposal outlined a strategic plan for growth throughout 2024-2029. The project aims to accelerate the tools and equipment needed for the technical team to propel the organization to the next level. At the top of the list are a thermal test chamber and a 3-D printer for use in their technology lab. FreeFall Aerospace, currently seeking venture capital, has laid out a comprehensive growth plan and strategy. The Tucson Changemakers Grant will be a crucial catalyst in executing this plan.

Commenting on the award, Rick Kettner, VP of Product Development of FreeFall Aerospace said, “Capital equipment is a significant factor in getting a startup technology company off the ground. This grant will help us take the first step in executing our growth plan, ensuring we can meet the rising demand for our products and services.”

In addition to the employee base growth, FreeFall Aerospace plans to expand its infrastructure, facilities, tools, and support equipment. The company strongly prefers local procurement, partnerships, and recruitment in the Tucson area. With a rich heritage with the University of Arizona, FreeFall seeks to contribute to the local economy, build community partnerships, and provide opportunities for skilled graduates. This project aligns with FreeFall Aerospace’s commitment to cementing its foundation in Tucson and contributing to the community for years. The company anticipates growing its employee base by 150%, significantly boosting the local workforce and economy.

For more information about FreeFall Aerospace, please visit www.freefallaerospace.com.

FreeFall Aerospace receives Tucson Changemaker Award

From left to Right, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, CEO Dan Geraci, Rick Kettner, VP of Product Development, and Julie Bonner, Director of Communications of FreeFall Aerospace, are shown.

Tucson Changemakers Growth Award

Several Tucson businesses, including FreeFall Aerospace, received the Groundswell Growth Fund Award last week.

About FreeFall Aerospace:

Founded in 2016 as a spin-off from the University of Arizona, FreeFall Aerospace is developing low-cost antenna solutions for ground and space. The company’s innovative antenna systems use its patented technologies to fill critical gaps in the antenna industry for commercial and government customers. For comprehensive information about FreeFall Aerospace and its cutting-edge communications solutions, visit www.freefallaerospace.com.