The Power of Creatives in Tech

Julie Bonner on The Power Shift Podcast with Sharon Melnick

Julie Bonner is the Director of Communications for FreeFall Aerospace, a tech company in Tucson, Arizona that is developing intelligent antenna systems for space and terrestrial applications. She is also the Chair of the Arizona Technology Council’s Women in the Workforce and also organizes Creative Mornings Tucson.

Julie is also a fine artist and blended her paintings with her graphic design expertise to create the Addy Award-winning Desert Dwellers Flash Cards. Inspired by the desire to teach her son about Southwest wildlife, each card contains amusing stories about desert animals from A to Z and features her acrylic paintings. Local teachers, parents, and grandparents use them to promote literacy and teach children about their environment. Previously she has served as Art Director for national chains Mister Car Wash and Clear Channel Outdoor.

Julie also believes in the power of education and supporting the community. They are active in events for the youth, especially young women by exposing them to really cool opportunities in science, engineering, and tech. Learn more about her journey, her story, and her vision in this podcast.

In this episode, Dr. Sharon Melnick and Julie Bonner discuss:

  • What power looks like for Julie Bonner, in a pretty male-dominated environment.
  • How her background as a creative helped her in the tech industry.
  • Her vision to make the company diversified and bring the tech industry closer to the hearts of young women.

If you’re thinking of having a career in tech and think that this might not be right for you, let Julie empower you with her story:

“It’s a strength to come into something with a little bit of a different perspective than maybe the norm!”– Julie Bonner, FreeFall Aerospace

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