Tucson, AZ – At a time of rapidly increasing demand for better global data connectivity, the University of Arizona Applied Research Corporation has signed a teaming agreement with a startup technology company to offer new, revolutionary antenna solutions to federal government agencies. FreeFall Aerospace, Inc., is a revolutionary antenna company that, with the help of Tech Launch Arizona, was formed to commercialize technologies developed at the University of Arizona.

The startup recently received significant early-stage funding from UA Venture Capital, a venture-capital fund focused on the commercialization of UArizona technologies.

From left: Austin Yamada, UA-ARC President and CEO and Doug Stetson, President of FreeFall Aerospace. Photo credit: UA-ARC/Kendall (K.J.) Johnson.

From left: Austin Yamada, UA-ARC President and CEO and Doug Stetson, President of FreeFall Aerospace. Photo credit: UA-ARC/Kendall (K.J.) Johnson.

“FreeFall Aerospace is developing their unique antenna solutions for practical application supporting United States Government mission-sets,” said Austin Yamada, UA-ARC President and CEO. “We are thrilled to partner with them through the evolution of their technology and this company.”

“As a university startup, FreeFall Aerospace is at the cusp of helping transform connectivity and low-cost data transmission not only for national security requirements, including fast emerging micro-satellite communication, but also for commercial use cases that stretch the imagination,” said University of Arizona Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation Elizabeth R. “Betsy” Cantwell.

With the help of Tech Launch Arizona, the company was formed in 2017 based on inventions developed in the university’s Steward Observatory by astronomy professor Christopher Walker.

“Our mission as a company is to enable dramatic improvements in connectivity for a wide variety of applications,” said Co-Founder and President of FreeFall Doug Stetson upon the announcement.  “With the help of UA-ARC, we’ll be able to bring those solutions to reality to meet important government and US Department of Defense needs.”

The agreement focuses on joint pursuits of government research grants and federal contracting solicitations ranging from space situational awareness to digitized battlefield warfighter requirements to broad 5G market applications.

About Applied Research Corporation:

The University of Arizona Applied Research Corporation (UA-ARC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit affiliated organization of the University of Arizona established to leverage UArizona’s longstanding strengths as Arizona’s public land-grant university. UA-ARC will extend UArizona’s focus on teaching and learning, research and discovery, and outreach and engagement in service to the State of Arizona, the nation and the world community. https://www.ua-arc.org/.

About FreeFall Aerospace:

FreeFall is a revolutionary new antenna technology company developing applications for ground, air, and space. The innovative spherical antennas simplify and improve satellite communications by offering a 360-degree field of view and electronic steering at low mass and low cost. The technology is drawing interest from a wide variety of commercial and government organizations. The company’s unique antennas for the coming 5G wireless world are unlike anything else on the market and enable high-frequency, steerable communications for Smart Cities, connected vehicles, and the Internet of Things. FreeFall was founded in Tucson as a spin-off from the University of Arizona and maintains a close connection with its faculty and supporters. www.freefallmovingdata.com.

About Tech Launch Arizona:

Tech Launch Arizona is the office of the University of Arizona that creates social and economic impact through commercializing inventions stemming from UA research. The office builds connections between talented UArizona faculty, researchers and staff and experienced entrepreneurs and investors, all strategically linked to create an ecosystem that refines ideas that start in the lab and grows them into new products and thriving businesses that benefit society. http://techlaunch.arizona.edu