August 26, 2019

Podcast host and Co-Founder of PADT, Eric Miller is joined by Stefan O’Dougherty of FreeFall to discuss the use of ANSYS simulation tools to drive the design of their unique RF antenna concept.

Hear more about FreeFall’s RF Antenna Concept Below:

This episode includes information about the RF antennas FreeFall is creating, the origin, and what makes FreeFall’s antennas unique.

To learn more about FreeFall view the Wired article discussed in the interview portion of today’s episode.

Stefan O’Dougherty, FreeFall

Stefan O'Dougherty

Stefan O’Dougherty of FreeFall is an Optical and RF Engineer specializing in design and testing of spherical antennas and electronically steerable line feeds. He is responsible for the building, testing and system verification of the All Sky Antenna system and CubeSat applications.

With over 5 years of Terahertz and RF experience and 3 years as an optical engineer for the Osiris-Rex space mission, Stefan brings a diverse background to tackle customized antenna solutions.

Stefan’s most memorable achievement was watching the camera system that he worked on for Osiris-Rex mission launch on a rocket off towards an asteroid.

At the University of Arizona he researched spherical optical solutions. His missions include Osiris-Rex, GUSTO, Large balloon-reflector, THRUMMs, and CHaMP.

Stefan received his PhD in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona, and a BS in Astronomy from the University of Florida.

He’s the Dad of FreeFall’s adorable office dog, Yoshi.

Eric Miller, PADT

Eric Miller PADT

Eric Miller is a co-owner of Tempe based PADT, Inc., where he is involved in providing tools and services to companies who design and manufacture physical products. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and has lived in Arizona since 1986. He started his career focusing on the application of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) to simulate turbine engine components. Over the years he became recognized as an expert user of the ANSYS software tool and in the development of custom software to automate the product simulation and design process.

As a co-founder of PADT in 1994, Eric was able to also pursue his interests in IT, graphic design, additive manufacturing, database programming, and small business management. As both PADT and the use of advanced engineering tools grew, Eric became exposed to dozens of different industries and developed his broad understanding of the application of technology for product development and manufacturing.

After over three decades in the industry, Eric is often called upon to write and speak on simulation, design, and 3D Printing as well as on startups and the high-tech sector. His involvement in the startup community includes angel investing as well as mentoring and serving on steering, screening, and advisory boards of a variety of technical organizations and institutions.