Innovative Antenna Tech: The Future of Satellite Communications

Innovative Antenna Tech: Interview with Doug Stetson, CEO of FreeFall Aerospace

eeDesignIt Podcast | Feb 25, 2021

In this eeDesignIt podcast episode, learn more about the importance of innovative antenna technology and data collection with FreeFall Aerospace CEO, Doug Stetson. Discover how small satellites are changing the way we communicate in space.

eeDesignIt is hosted by Bryan DeLuca and Nicolete Emmino.

Doug Stetson, Co-founder, President, and CEO

Doug Stetson is the CEO of FreeFall Aerospace that is developing innovative antenna technology for satellite communications. Prior to founding FreeFall, Doug spent 30 years at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory having lead roles in systems engineering and mission design for Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn missions. After leaving JPL in 2008, Doug was the project manager for the LightSail mission that successfully deployed and tested a solar sail in Earth orbit. Doug holds a B.S. in Physics and M.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University.
He is the recipient of the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal and the JPL Award for Excellence in Leadership.
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About FreeFall Aerospace

FreeFall Aerospace is developing revolutionary new antenna technology for ground, air, and space. Their innovative spherical antennas are drawing interest from a wide variety of commercial and government organizations, offering wide field of view, electronic steering, and low mass to dramatically simplify and improve satellite communications. FreeFall was founded in Tucson as a spin-off from the University of Arizona and maintains a close connection with UA faculty and supporters.