Who is on the leadership team at FreeFall?

Doug Stetson, Co-founder, President and CEO Significant Contributions: Angel Funding, Space Systems Background, Business Development Doug is the CEO of FreeFall Aerospace, an early-stage company developing innovative antenna technology for satellite communications. Before founding FreeFall, Doug spent nearly 30 years at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a systems engineer, program manager, and senior executive. After [...]

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What recognitions have FreeFall Aerospace earned?

Startup of the Year Finalist 2022 – Copper Cactus Awards Innovation Leader of the Year 2019 – FreeFall Aerospace Innovator of the Year StartUp Company 2019 – FreeFall Aerospace Inventor of the Year 2018 – Chris Walker, Co-Founder of FreeFall Aerospace TechConnect Defense Innovation Awards 2017 & 2018

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Who’s on the Board?

Fletcher McCusker, UAVC, CEO, UA Venture Capital Founder SinfoníaRx and Providence Service Corp. Chairman of the Rio Nuevo District   Ken Dorushka, Senior Executive (retired) AT&T, Lucent; Member of Paragon Space Development   Scott Webster, Co-founder, Orbital Science Corp Board Chairmanships: Cobham, MBDA, Telesat   Doug Stetson, Co-founder and CEO, FreeFall Aerospace 28 years at NASA/JPL [...]

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How did FreeFall Aerospace get started?

We Started in the Stars FreeFall antenna technology is based on research in high-frequency radio astronomy conducted at the University of Arizona. The initial concept for FreeFall Aerospace began in the summer of 2016 when the two founders, Doug Stetson and Dr. Chris Walker, worked together on a proposal for a NASA balloon-borne high-energy astronomy telescope [...]

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