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SpaceCom 2019 in Houston, Texas
November 20-21st 2019

Visit FreeFall Aerospace in booth #838

President and CEO, Doug Stetson, will be on a panel November 20th 2019 at 2:30pm with Barry Matsumori and Sean McDaniel at SpaceCom 2019.

5G is Coming: Leveraging the Capacity for Space and Ground Applications
11/20/2019   2:30 -3:30pm

Barry Matsumori of BridgeComm
Sean McDaniel of Atlas Space Operations
Doug Stetson of FreeFall Aerospace

Satellites will be an essential part of the 5G infrastructure and integrated into the overall available communication map. Service providers will need to provide seamless connectivity between these data streams and the end users. This session delves into what you need to know about 5G as it relates to your business.

Doug Stetson, President of FreeFall

Doug Stetson is President and CEO of FreeFall Aerospace, a small business dedicated to advancing and developing innovative antenna technology for satellite communications and 5G internet applications. Prior to founding FreeFall in 2016, Doug spent nearly 30 years at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in a variety of technical and management positions including several assignments at NASA Headquarters. At JPL, he had lead roles in systems engineering and mission design for a number of high-profile missions to Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, and was responsible for the development of new planetary mission concepts and programs. Doug led the development of a number of mission and technology “roadmaps” for the national science community and NASA, and established new initiatives for mission and system innovation and cost assessment.

During his three tours at NASA Headquarters, Doug served as the deputy manager of the NASA Advanced Planning and Integration Office, coordinated development of the Agency’s 2003 Strategic Plan, and served as acting chief of Planetary Advanced Studies in the early 1990’s. After leaving JPL in 2008, Doug established the Space Science and Exploration Consulting Group and was project manager for the LightSail mission, a privately-funded Cubesat that successfully deployed and tested a solar sail in Earth orbit. Doug holds a B.S. in Physics and M.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University.

He is the recipient of a number of local and national awards, including the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal and the JPL Award for Excellence in Leadership.

SpaceCom 2019

Now in its fifth year, SpaceCom 2019, America’s Commercial Space Conference and Exposition, addresses the strategic issues in the commercial space sector that will enable your business to set a clear course to gain a competitive advantage in the coming trillion-dollar space economy.

SpaceCom 2019 is operating under a Space Act Agreement with NASA. In 2019, the Department of Commerce joins NASA and the commercial space industry in collaborating on the development of the show. SpaceCom 2019 provides you the strategic information you need to set your business up for success in the evolving space economy.

The space industry is entering new renaissance with new and disruptive innovations with bold industry leadership not afraid to put them to the test on the high frontier of space – ensure your company is on the cutting-edge of this market today by attending SpaceCom 2019.

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