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Phoenix Design Week

Phoenix Design Week 2022: Keep It Real

Join us September 24-25 for the Phoenix Design Week 2022: KEEP IT REAL conference, a weekend full of community, skill-building, and networking!

Phoenix Design Week connects the creative community with an annual series of interactive events, exhibitions, presentations, and (in most years) a 2-day conference. The week brings internationally-recognized keynote speakers alongside local design authorities as part of an enlightening week celebrating all aspects of design.

Design for Space with Julie Bonner

Arizona is a hotbed for new space companies. Learn more about the opportunities as
a designer in this booming industry and use your skills in this exciting “space”!

• Building awareness about opportunities in the space industry.
• Learning how to work with engineers and technical customers.
• Why designers are suited for careers in space and how to get them.

Julie Bonner FreeFall Aerospace

Julie Bonner, Marketing & Communications at FreeFall Aerospace

About Julie Bonner:
Julie Bonner, Director of Marketing & Communications for FreeFall Aerospace, develops and connects customers to their intelligent antenna systems for space and ground.
Previously she’s led creative campaigns for national corporations like Clear Channel Outdoor and Mister Car Wash to small Arizona businesses.

Julie was awarded the Tucson AdFed Next Generation Award for significantly impacting the advertising industry through leadership, career achievements, and personal qualities
inspiring others to excel.

She is the Chair of the Women in Tech group for the Arizona Technology Council and is an organizer for CreativeMornings/Tucson.  Julie holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Drexel University and an MBA.

About FreeFall Aerospace

FreeFall Aerospace is developing innovative antenna solutions for small spacecraft, fixed and mobile ground stations, and aerial platforms. These lightweight, low-power antennas are ideally suited to support the new LEO/MEO satellites for continuous global communications with efficient beam steering and consistent high gain at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions. FreeFall develops space and ground systems using spherical reflector technology from radio astronomy and planetary exploration research. This expertise provides a new perspective on the challenges of high-frequency satellite communication. FreeFall’s technology also has the potential to revolutionize communication for small UAVs and other aerial platforms for efficient Over-The-Horizon command, control, and communication. Various commercial and government organizations recognize FreeFall’s approach as potentially disruptive and of high value. Located in Tucson, Arizona, FreeFall maintains a close working relationship with the University of Arizona, which serves as a continuous source of innovative concepts and a “force multiplier” for technology and product development.

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