All-Sky Antenna System

Fixed or Mobile Ground Stations

FreeFall Aerospace’s All-Sky Antenna enables continuous high-gain data-on-the-move for vehicles, ships, and virtually any other platform. By combining our line feeds with a hemispherical reflector, we provide wide-area coverage and autonomous satellite tracking with no antenna pointing required.

Efficient beam steering and motion compensation maintain the high-gain link at all times, whether on a moving vehicle or maritime platform. No heavy and expensive antenna gimbals or mounts or physical antenna pointing or tracking required – simple, lightweight, and low cost.

High Gain

High gain coverage

Efficient Electronic Steering

No physical antenna pointing required


Flexible designs for various sizes and frequencies

All Sky

Uploading for vehicles
Downloading for balloons or drones


Data on the move for vehicles and ships

Motion Compensation

Autonomous feedback maintains the link


  • L-band through Ka-band

  • User terminals and Gateways

  • Low power, wide field of view

  • Rapid acquisition and tracking

  • For Satcom, backhaul, and Point-to-Point