Ground Station

FreeFall has developed a truly unique inflatable ground station that is simple, low-cost, and lightweight. Unlike other inflatable systems that rely on a complex system to form a parabolic reflector within a sphere, at FreeFall the sphere is the reflector. This provides a very wide field of view, and our live feed enables fully electronic steering with no moving parts and no need for precise pointing.

The entire system fits in a backpack ready for rapid deployment and autonomous satellite acquisition and tracking. Motion compensation adjusts the beam to account for wind or other disturbances.


Lightweight, fully self contained system

Rapid Deployment

Backpack design
Set and Forget operation

High Performance

High-gain satellite communication

Electronic Beam Steering

Motion compensation

Low Cost

Simplicity of design and operation

No moving parts

Single inflatable unit


  • Rapid satcom for remote locations

  • Military field use

  • Disaster relief

  • Temporary or long-term

  • Lightweight, low-cost, replaceable