What is the average data rate?

We have a flexible system that works with whatever you have – 35 – 45 db of gain – 10MBits/second - equivalent to your home internet. You can do what you do in the field on a hand-held device No repointing to find satellites. We have 60 degree angle so that you receive your data when [...]

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How far down towards the horizon can you get with this high gain?

Visibility time of satellites matter. FreeFall's antennas have the most effective satellite view period with an exiting satellite. We can view the satellite 90% of the time it's over the horizon. Other competitors have are limited in elevation angles. We can do 5 degrees to 90 degrees without repointing the antenna and don't need any special [...]

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Why should I care about electronic beam steering?

Electronic steering keeps you locked on should you have any wind gusts or misalignments unlike a traditional parabolic antenna which needs to be manually pointed. Parabolic was the old way Our spherical reflector   It works with any frequency including (X through Ka-band fabricated, C through W band possible) Single line feed [...]

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